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Starting out over 15 years ago in the web design business, most of what I did was through trial and error. I had plenty of questions, and couldn’t find many answers – a lot of it was up to me to figure out what worked (and was worth repeating) and, sometimes more importantly, what didn’t.

Whenever I was able to engage other professionals to pick their brains about what worked and (more importantly) what didn’t work for their companies, I came away from those discussions with a renewed focus and excitement for the future of my business.

In order to be a successful freelance business owner, you need to have good design, development and business skills. There are very few places that teach all 3, so let me help with one of these areas where you struggle, or get you started on the right path to developing this triple-threat.

It’s my hope that through this formal mentorship program we can work to remove some of the blocks and challenges that stand in the way of success in your business. 

About Chris

Chris Steingart

One-on-one Mentorship Details

Through the course of a one-hour session, you will meet virtually with me over zoom to discuss one or more topics to help build your business: 

  • Starting a business (steps involved, areas to focus on)
  • Finding clients and building a long-term relationship
  • Honing skills in web or graphic design
  • Growing your business
  • Strategies to stop stressing about the next paycheque


One hour – $125

Two hours – $225

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